More Wined Ideas

With my night’s cap, at the kitchen counter, thinking about tomorrow, day one at another IMG_5253campus.  Taking inventory of everything, and knowing my little girl’s arrival is evercloser, I know what I need to cut, or just remove.  All my focus needs to be here, in SONOMA County, and with wine, my wine businesses and efforts.  Tonight before bed, which is in less than an hour I promised myself, told my wife, I need to start designing this new site.  Where the consumer finds wined centeredness, concerning wine education.. winemaking.. wine-food pairing.. wine collecting.. again.. more than just one-dimensional cliffsnotes and remedial plebeian puzzles and hopscotch crackgames.  This will be a site of centrality, one for appreciation and theory and wined thoughts.  Again me linking my academic background and love, just pure LOVE, for wine.  I start at 10PM, which is in 6 minutes.  The first idea I start with.. a picture.  One I’ve already posted to this blog, but with different words narrating it, or supporting or surrounding it.  Or maybe nothing– no there has to be something, right?  I have to encourage discussion as I do in class.  Another sip of the Sumpin’ and my thoughts go everywhere.  Like my pictures of wine in a glass, someone saying they look the same.  Well, Copernicus, they’re not the same.  At all.  Different wines, different glasses (maybe), different times and occasions and thoughts when sipping at that defined moment.  Different poetry and music and all.

Wine to me is like the turning on of music in the morning while driving to work, to one of my three campuses at whatever time of day.  It’s necessitated not just by appreciation but by the story of wine and all the stories that contributed to what I’m sipping; when the crew woke to launch into the vineyard or vineyards to harvest the fruit.  It’s a certain bottled schism between reality and fantasy; palatable romanticism, read and unread, to be read, from palate and senses all.  My favorite class, in glass.