And I write on, seven minutes..

everything sighted, targeted.  How to build mmc, and what I see in the next year or so.  An office, something small, close, and just more foundation in the wine motioning.  And log all thoughts, everything, just as they do in marketing and advertising and what is seen through that messaging..

Relaxed.  Just watching the people pass me on the left and go to the line for their respective fixes.  Literary at the moment.  Not so much a content writer, more novelist, diarist, scribbling cubist..

Reviewing tech sheets on Blair’s wines.  Makes me want to make my own again, but I haven’t the time.  I’m a writer anyway.  My energies are here, with the pages and with the wines in a different way, my way, worded and inkedly blurted.  Tasting appointment tomorrow at 10, just up the street from my house.  Hoping to sell a bit, but who knows.  All I can do is pour, suggest pairings, and speak emphatically as I always do.  My writing life has certainly started, the “professional” facet anyway.