I have to stop.  Just paying these bills, budgeting, saving.. stressing me.  Exhausting me even further since yesterday’s half-marathon.  Putting money aside for Schwab deposit, for self-publishing.. poem in position for printing.. should have the chapbook out before summer school, that’s my aim.

And the novel, done.  So now I’m truly freewriting.  And the coffee I sip, brewed here.  No more to that corporate bean dragon.  Windy outside, perfect for a drive.. maybe that’s what I should do, go for a cruise up to AV, or Dry Creek.  Take pictures.  Or just write.  One has to have priority and for me, obviously, writing always wins.  Dav and I discussed that very dilemma over breakfast at the omelette castle this morning, after ‘5’ submissions.

Only 11:48.. love this only day of “finals” for me.  So relaxing, so permitting in terms of issues and matters outstanding.  But I’m all “caught up”, as it’s said, already.  So pleased with myself, that I didn’t succumb to the urge, to take a nap.  That would have certainly been death to any progress.