Student trail

In line.. Registration, or is this
So many here, rushed.. Tuition, conver
station cut. What? Where is the police department?
I got a parking ticket.
Those assholes
she said.
Stories in this day first, this first day.. Day this,
first! Breeze helps. I’m tired. Now
what do I do?
The line starts, or ends here. No
one can
tell. First day
hell. Heaven for me, the same question:
“Are you guys in line?” I
Think so, I want to say, but they
don’t seem ready for humor.

Are we all in the same mood?
Think so. Book store, don’t
Want to know what there’s like..
Popcorn, someone chewing behind me–
Get me out of here.
Oh this line. Can only imagine how these
Students feel.
There. Finally. Just moved a bit.
But then another
stop. Do you
Know the time?
I have class at 1:30. We’re
Almost there.