handle no door

37 degrees, lurk with lead in the knees,
Miscreant Eden, aversion to orthodoxy reason–
No leaves in the lake, poets don’t flee to
A fate.. And we’re unable to wait, my gun
Labeled a sake. Look for Snakes in the grapes..
Free speech so hated, know I’m willingly
Evaporated. Sad but slated, mad and rave it.
My maddened read deepens tree seeds, fold
Crease, a pole’s piece. Keep with the caffeine,
Deepened, I’m that mean, profitability in speech,
Not but a silly me to piece
Self together– find out through stages redder..
New professor, rewritten letter.. Re-situate the header,
more Evers than evermore,
Wake to a weather wore, go fix a score–
Polite way saying walk that way, past cliff’s edge..
Massive wedge, a tad bit dead, fads get fed, ask its bed..
A coffin often.