journaling all

Need a story.  One on which to report, deliver rich, accurate, trustworthy–no, CREDIBLE–information on the wine industry.  Watched a segment last night on how a team of journalists behind the scenes followed the GOP candidates on their campaign trails.  The passion from these sleepless scribblers, recorders–lightyears beyond enviable.  They just didn’t stop.  They had to record everything that transpired, everything the candidates said.  A new development for me, in 2012, the year I turn 33.  Report, record, deliver up-to-date, CURRENT (to use a journalism utterance) wine world events, developments (another).  One idea for a story: the slow season, right now.  Does it have to be “slow”?  What are some remedies for this “slow time” in the industry?  How do independent wineries handle it vs. bigger/corporate ones?