Rough start to day with one of my two clients saying he wants to back out of a part of his contract….  And then, something else.

Calm…..  enjoy the office’s quiet, the loft, the latte, time to self.

Writing Nurse, time with her again last night going by so quickly it may as well not have happened.  Forcing myself to smile..

10:21.  Meeting in 9 minutes.  Ready as I think I can be.  Couple things annoying me but I’m doing it this morning, that dance that certain forces hope I do with them.  Not today, Satan.


Back from haircut (finally) and Oliver’s run for kids, weekend.  12:29 at desk.  Thought about a quick nap but can’t slow, too into the day and wanting to get so much to a place of publication and fruition.  

Moving and not stopping.  Thinking of the Nurse and I can’t stop.  Distract self.. how.  Text her.


Should be sending messages, sending the proposal I presented earlier.  Not sure about the new sales story.  What I mean is, how I approach it.  It kept me up a little last night.  That, and the fucking Vacaville scorch.

Travel…. Disneyland soon with the Nurse.  She said she’s gonna make shirts.  Part of me with roaring eye-roll, other with a full heart, feeling loved and want to love her more, build and travel more, collect stories. When I think I have nothing to write about, I think of her and am like “What the fuck Mikey, really?”