08:22 up with kids, readying for leg to Sunriver.  Henry with a little fever last night, but nothing serious.  Still a little warm, will keep my eye on it.

Taking notes more than paragraphing.  In the pool as soon as we got here yesterday, aggressively requested from kids.

Texting Nurse, missing her and our time together, still hurting from the time at the Ritz and her place the night prior ending.  Trying to distract myself, a little successful with this entry.  Have to pack up and get ready for 5+ hours of driving north, into Klamath, then whatever town, then another whatever town or pseudo-city.

Actually feel like I’m on vacation, imagine that.   Kids everywhere and expressing wants and plans… the pool, a bike ride, getting something at Best Buy.  I laugh and love their problems and priorities.

Henry with his breakfast bar and waffle, milk.