Coffee, no Starbucks this morning.  Don’t want to have to enter a goddamn receipt in Quicken. Feel lazy this morning like I don’t want to do a thing.  Haven’t written much this week except for some notes in journal.  Feel lost, like my way is lost, or just I’m WAY lost.  Come back down to the stage, Mikey… I tell myself.  Sip coffee, listen to the little heater.  Making lunch here today, haven’t dined out in a while.  Not sure if I’m surprised or proud of myself.  And why am I realizing at nearly 44 that if you don’t eat out as much you save buckets of money?  Idiot.

Coffee nearly done, clearly will need more.  This new fascination with real estate, property management, diversified prospecting and learning more about real estate and what it is as a world and conversation, career.  Interesting.  Never seen it like this before.

Driving over Fountaingrove and seeing all those rebuilt houses, the contraction and effort and emotions going into it.  Setting self to make this more emotional, emotionally threaded, but with Composition and temperament.

Thinking of taking Sunday off from the winery so I can address and build some new ideas…