Yesterday passed like it wasn’t.  Now 7:50 AM the next day, coffee and ready for drive over the mountain.  Just realized with the temps lately there could be ice.  Should be interesting.  Hope no spinning when in those dark more-wooded turns and uphill curves before Calistoga Road.

Control over one’s own thoughts, what I’m thinking about right now remembering the Daily Stoic post from yesterday.  The situation you’re in, the totality of the momentary Composition.  What you do with the time you have.  Yesterday’s twelve hour timer and time lot I assigned self.  I did get quite a bit done, but not as much as I wrote down, that list.

Setting another, and studying.  Will journal everything on blog from phone.  8+ hours in the downtown tasting room, the drive to and from, that’s easily over 9 of the twelve.  Yeah, I think I need to cut it loose, the wine industry.  And for good.  Focus solely on the writing and blogging, tech whether it be at the current company or former.