Upping budget for day, just by a few bucks. 

Kids still more than content with morning, with me, with their met requests.

Looking over journal entry from yesterday, about work and movement, possible movement..  Where I am in my story, how short life is and everything associated.  THE KIDS, making them happy and providing them everything they want and need, all opportunities.

Emma says she wants to sit on the deck, then of course Henry screams that he does too.  I ask Emmie if she wants some orange juice to enjoy while relaxing out there, she says yes.  I envy her mentality, and the fact she can do that… just decide to go out there and relax.  I can too though, right?  Maybe not now, but I can.

I talk myself out of it, or something.  Again, I need their mind, that childish approach to just DO.

Almost a year here at the loft and I haven’t ONCE gone out there by myself to enjoy coffee or a glass of wine.  That’s going to change.  A lot is.