Bed early tonight.  Let’s see if I can actually do it.  Before 10.  Then wake before 6 tomorrow to make a dent in whatever book I’m gathering.  About wine, or EVERYTHING… who knows.  Maybe just a collection of notes.

Henry still asleep.  8:17…. Bath and showers at 9.  I watch my kids, and envy them more.  Where they are, what they’re priorities are.  Made a list of writing directions should I ever get stuck or am “blocked”, and “The kids.” noted at the top then further down the list two or three others that specifically stem from them.  “Play like the kids” and “Approach day like Emma”, “Explore everything around you like Henry”.

Changing my mind about a few things…. Running today, for one, and fitness as a whole.  WAKE EARLIER.  That will solve everything.  Friend of mine with a workout team where she meets them at 5 on the nose most mornings, and during the week and I think once on the weekend.

Writing in head and not sending to screen.  Not to me… reacting from it.

Going to check on Henry…