Getting car serviced.  Long overdue, they told me but in a polite way.  Free coffee which is always helpful.  Starbucks after this….  Event was nice last night I guess.  Made a couple contacts, spoke in person to some existing ones, actually had dinner there after a happy hour with my sales team at a place on Sutter I think called ‘per diem’.  

Long day, but a favorable and encouraging one.  One which may have changed my mind about some things.  We’ll see, but it’s how I feel presently.

Girl said it could take up to two hours.  Glad I made it honestly, almost forgot but realized when something in my thinking gave me the shove to look at my calendar.

Cold this morning, and I mean uncomfortable cold.  Saturday completely booked up, from Napa meeting at 1 to somehow fitting in a 5k run before that, then dinner later and possibly a happy hour meeting with an old Sonic friend before that.  Not thinking about it now, can feel self stressing and wondering how it’ll all get done.

Maybe yesterday is what needed to happen.  I credit myself with the interpretation, but that’s about it.  The Story set stage.