Did’t write last night, traffic coming home was hellacious and took myself to dinner… tonight traffic easy, again doing dinner but this time at Oliver’s.  Sushi and Pliny, then grocery shopping for kids.

Told myself one load of laundry tonight…. Entirely don’t want to after putting away groceries and relaxing to some wine and the news.  I have to, I know. Interesting turns in day.. one meeting that I thought would annoy me only encouraged me and provided new sight with the sales story.

Taking in the moment.. breathing, seeing it, interpreting.

Business plan, singular project or idea, maybe approach, came to me I think Monday morning when turning right on Embarcadero – Blogging, DIY, Happiness, Life Lessons, TODAY.

Hasn’t left me even a little bit, this idea.  Consolidation and simplification.  Just these five points, topics, tags, categories.  Whatever they are.

There’s a lesson in today, yesterday, that one week a few back that tests and beat me…. From it, education, HAPPINESS.  The DIY comes into play from bringing myself to this point, to WRITING it. 

Glasses on. They’re on more often.  Earlier I nearly walked to coffee on Front Street with Connor with them on.  Jesus…