Already day giving me enough to do.  Grateful.

Still working in Nook office.  Glasses on, in character.  Rather than talking myself out of something like Rich said yesterday in the office (he telling me he’s noticed how people so often rather than just doing something or trying they talk themselves out), I’m talking myself into EVERYTHING.

Presenting this proposal to the Mountain View property, cleaning and shopping for the kids…. Going more paperless with money and writing, simplifying and singularizing.

No music, the quiet is aiding in my movements.  Thoughts coming and going and some making another pass.  Second double espresso, and more ideas.

Bit later, and setting up appointments, calls.  Having a talk with myself as Mom advised.  Going for a walk at lunch…

10:34, little break.  Looking forward to the weekend, my Sunday at Orin Swift.  A work day that in no way feels like a workday.  Quiet and calm.  Well, until it gets slammed like it was at one point the last Sunday I worked.

Meditation… humor.  Self-talk.