So much paperwork, need a break.  

More coffee in a minute.  Took the day off but I’m still working, no surprise.  Had something to write down on day’s list, but now forgetting it.  Hate when that happens…

Now doing touch-and-go’s as Dad would say on the paperwork.  Sales notes, that’s what I wanted to scribble.  And now that I remember I don’t write anything.  Sales humor and approach, language and character and attitude… prospecting new business, hunting or farming as some say…

Check mail, no checks.  Fine… 10:18, haircut.  Need one in a desperate way, that’s for sure.

Finally, done with a storm of forms.  Now what do I do… OH, check email.  Buzz, buzz, back and forth pingpong craze.


Back from meeting and haircut.  Was going to take a nap but then an email lands that has me riled…. Calming, trying.  Need to do something nice for myself.  Like what… starting to get hungry, what about lunch? Why not?  Took the day off, and last sans kids.  So, DECIDED.  Staycation attitude about me now.  Can’t forget 2pm appointment in HGB, then after that pretty much freed.

…..Have to reschedule.  I hate that.  On hold now.  Hate that even more.