Wine tasting notes from Sunday, the Zin blend then Rhône, that one Cab, then another Zin-something I think.  Wine taking a new dimension and meaning and playful gestures, urging me to react more and not be so ‘measure so many times before cutting’.  Music, in the moment.  I’m going to be where I want to be and nothing will impede.  I simply won’t allow it.

Opening a new bottle Monday night, not sure what I’m pairing it with if anything.  I don’t get caught in that deliberative ping-ponging.

Scheduled call with winery owner for Friday as part of this #blogeverythingnow project, first of its skip and trip.

Low to mid-70s at noon when I launch.  Perfect.  Seeing route down Conde then up Mitchel again, then possibly continuing till I see Windsor River then head back to Green. Simple, and engaging, will modify where able or needed.  One hour… committed.  Even if I have to slow to a glorified speed-walk, I won’t stop.  Oh shit… charge the watch.  No, phone instead.  Want music today… lots of it.

Sent contract to prospect, now in running clothes and ready for launch.  Looking up new playlists, for a new day and way of hitting pavement.

3.51, mile count… I’ll take it.

Started to get warm, or even I’d say hot and I just lost energy.  Back out Monday at lunch.  Over next two days eat light and stuck to the diet-like consistency I’ve been implementing.  A little upset with self, but have to let it go.

Contract comes in, submit.  And I’m over today and the AE story.  Next shave, maybe have one of those bananas since I don’t eat lunch with this new plan, or try not to anyway.  Head to store, enjoy this temporary quiet and time to self.  Any single parent knows what this is like, missing your kids when they’re at school but still delighting in the self-care of the tranquility and equanimity.  ZEN.

Sparkling water as soon as I walked in, destroyed it now need another.  Walking up to loft, get one of the lemon ones I bought at Emma’s request when she was with me at Oliver’s.

After some fruit, the banana and sparkling water I have more than a second wind.  Want to get out of the condo, do something.  But what…. Shave first, for sure.  Shower, then out.  GO.

Constant inner-dialogue and exploratory urgency about this new ME.  Consistency explained, retained and never pained.


Back at loft with all three.  They won’t be up long I told them as they have quite the day tomorrow with baseball and soccer games, Jack and Emmie respectively.  Henry a bit under the weather but his sprints should be studied and mimicked.  Happy and joking, making new silly sounds and in relaxed mode now home.  Me here rushing some notes before leaving office for the day and remaining in loft till their bed.

Forgot to send EOD email, so did that just a second ago… again not a contract to brag about today, but, again, it keeps me alive.  Thinking about this opportunity with the prop tech company, what it could do, what I could learn and write about, take for my material… writing and blogging about sales and eventually getting my sales startup off into the air.

Jack playing a game with a friend, Emma watching a kid show as is Henry.  Should have them in bed but they wanted some relaxed time in the loft, and they were receptive to the 9:30 hard-stop.

Jack calls down to me asking if he can still get the new Rubik’s cube I said I’d buy.  I tell him of course and he says “Can you bring your laptop upstairs at bedtime?” I tell him sure and the peace continues not he floor above me, and about this writer down here.

Just the facts…. Me, HAPPY my babies are here.  That I ran today, got a contract in regardless of MRC, that I got to see my sister and talked wine and harvest and the weather coming in and how that affected truck arrival time.  Katie told me tonight she’s met David Phinney.

I’m without a doubt ending my story in a vineyard, making my own wine, or someone making my wine and me selling it.  That would probably be smarter.