Kerri tells me that she’s not even working out tomorrow, that she’s committed to getting up early as she always does but being exceptionally ready and in character for her new gig.  Can only respect that, respect HER and her drive.  Want that… not feeling that lately.  This #blogeverythingnow idea though has me charged and a bit electric.  Following it, looking at pictures of the kids, some short videos from the weekend.  Yesterday Jack and Emma and their intense shootouts right before their mother got them.  Nearly unbearable their voiced enmity for each other in the moment.  Some points I’d be laughing and others not at all, having to calm myself down, talk to myself, “They’re just kids.. they’re just kids…”

9:36 First post to BDX blog.  No need for more caffeine… wired already, ALIVE, ready to beat Monday at its own theories and insinuations.  Mom texts me, asking me how I feel about a recent victory in this divorce/custody fight.  Makes me emotional, and even more grateful.  For them, the kids, for me and my character as well.  I don’t give myself credit often, but this morning I am a bit.  Moderated self-love, or at least appreciation.  Appreciative to Kerri and friends like Ditter, Chris, Taryn.  A lot has occurred been brought to the bow over the past year-plus.  And here I am.