August winding down, but not me.  This morning I’m fiery, intent, centered on my story… this new Mike Madigan at the desk in the morning.  This poz loft, Windsor, my kids… days and months, years approaching me with sped steps.

Site visit in Rohnert Park, 10:30.  Looking forward to it, if you must know.  Getting out of the house, meeting the prospect which is an architecture firm my AE friend Mitzi tells me.  May find a coffee spot and work for a bit.  OR…. Come back here, get run out of the way early, then back to work.

Coffee upstairs.  Don’t want to get up, walk up the stairs then back down.  I sound like a fuddy-duddy.  Feel like one as well this morning.  It’s ‘cause I haven’t run in a while.  Challenging self to every day this week.. no matter distance.  I want to do the 4-6-off-4-6-10 if I can.  Off on Wednesday to give self a rest mid-week then get 10 in on Saturday after the kids leave.