7:41 in office early.  Everything

revolving around taking the kids to their appointment, me picking them up early.  I’lll get Emma first, then Jack.  Exploring my thoughts this morning, feeling toward certain things and general character design and engineering.  Running into an old friend yesterday whom I haven’t seen in probably close to 10 years.  Talking about old days in the tasting room and wines and describing the wines…. He too going through a divorce and only wanting to spend time with his kids but the other side making it a turbulent transaction.

Thinking about a lot this morning, mostly the kids.  And Ms. Kerri and how kind and caring she is.  Changing my character a bit and by extension the story itself.  One espresso down, may walk to Noto and treat self this morning.  The first day of the rest of the book, I just thought.  Yes, today…

Emailed Mark, and the day is off.  “Enjoy the day!”, as he always responds.  This morning connecting with me differently.  Yes, and it’ll start with a morning Windsor Walk.  Kerri urged me last night to go easy on myself about some things.  Maybe she’s right.  Well, of course she’s right.  She always is.  Wisdom and advice is something I seek in less than 5 people on the planet, and she is absolutely one of them.