Can’t believe August is already nearly done.  Already a couple calls, two emails.  My flight for the day is simple… EXPLORE.  Possibilities and new identities.  Coffee time, smooth jazz, calm.  No stress about ANYTHING.

Lunch with my AE buddy yesterday and what we talked about, still thinking about it.  This sales thing and life, the approach and when things are slow the associated stress….  Look at it comedically I tell myself.  There is humor in it, especially when—  Not going to write why.  It just is.


My system, keeping everything moving.  After HAPPINESS more than money, at least in this moment.  The already-is happiness… what’s here already, what I have and who I am.

Feel like something’s missing.  Not sure how to describe it, what I’m feeling.  Maybe go for a drive to territory.  But what would that do…? In journal, should be writing there.  Not typing.

Odd, this morning.  Not in any troubling way.  Thinking about the kids this weekend, my weekend, what I need to get for their lunches Friday, what we’ll do Saturday and Sunday… how I’ll keep them entertained, happy.

Hoping for a thousand words this morning, but I’m obstructed.  Undefined air, pause.