Coffee…. Less humans.  Trying not to care as much.  Not be indifferent, just not place my character on pages of others, letting their negative tide intercept mine.  Not responding to messages right when they’re sent… writing my way through my own thoughts and looking for something, like hone you’re clean laundry is piled in your room like one of those supernatural ant mounds and you’re looking for one shirt or one pair of pants.  You know it’s there but it’s not presenting itself immediately and you just keep throwing fucking clothes everywhere.

Opportunities… see one, moving slowly though.  Receipts piling again.  But, with justification, no time to enter them or have any office time when kids were here.  Straightening pile, entering later. 

Still roaming around my own thinking like an explorer not so much just someone looking for something.  Like a lost hiker looking for that path that’ll get them back to their car.  One thought… RUNNING.  I am running today or I’m dead.  4 miles.  Not a step more.