Back from run.  4.11 miles, 9.28 pace.  And HOT.  Actually only 83 but it felt much warmer, especially at the end during cool-down walking Bell Road and up that other street that dead-ends.

Time to be an AE.  Sent two retouch messages.  Not sure I’ll hear anything.  13:43 into fast.  I’ll have a some type of snack after 15 hours of no solids.  Sipping water now… may have some espresso in a bit.  Where do I prospect now?  Look at the map I tell myself, and this is obviously boring to read and frankly boring for me to write about… but not wine, not running.

Hmmmm…. Running and wine.  That half-marathon at the end of the month.  Register later, may use some of the SMB money.  Looking for a pair of shorts and shirt, neither cotton.  Then might get a beer at Duke’s.  If I can just make it to bed early, I can get run out of the way in the morning.  That’s my biggest hurdle but really more of a self-hinder.  If I were like Kerri and was in bed by 8 or 8:30 I’d be fucking invincible.