Meeting pushed to 1:30… okay, more time.  11:40 now.  Should stop obsessing over time, sure that contributes to the anxiety, I’m sure it does.

About to send off a contract.  Small one that won’t do a thing barely to my biblically-sized quota.  Sending now…

Hoping it comes back today, but I’ve been chasing this guy for nearly 3 years, and it’s not even close to worth it.  Like $250 MRC??  Ugh…. Need a break from desk.  Looking for more passion… music, wine, running, the kids.  Running… when can I fit in a run?  Sunday after the kids are picked up I’m thinking.  Could go for one right now, but…. I have no excuse.  Just not doing today.  Or maybe tomorrow after bringing Henry and Emma to my parents.

Told Emma I might take the day off tomorrow.  Seriously considering it.  To be with them more yes, but as well to collect and separate from certain knocks.