Started new journal yesterday.  This visit has proven especially challenging, mostly with Henry.  Jack and Emma with a couple skirmishes, but that’s it.  The most recent being yesterday.  Now they watch a kids show.  Sunday is always our “chill day”.  They remembered that and are in such mode.  Not sure what we’re doing later in the day.  Thought about going to Petaluma but money is tight, and gas is still ridiculous.

PLAN TONIGHT:  OFFICE, clean and arrange.  No humans over like last Sunday’s pointless dinner and get-together.  Bed early, wake and run, route around here.  Gym on Tuesday and Thursday’s.  Had breakfast this morning, and that’s all I’ll eat till dinner, which will be light.  Thinking a salad I make at Oliver’s, or a turkey sandwich made her.

My nerves are everywhere with work.  Have one new lead with blogging, see where it goes.  Keep putting out my story, I tell myself.  The kids, the running, waking early… everything.  VICTORIES and the antithesis.