Turning the poz loft into more of a project. 

Not only keeping it tidy, which is challenging when the kids are over, but just having it accomplish what I want it to.  Which is…. I guess being the space which will provide the mental and creative space and spacing to write for a living.

Emma and Jack done with breakfast and watching cartoons or some kids program for another ten minutes or so till we have to leave, take Jack to camp and pick up Henry from x’s mother.

Calls to make today, but I’ll do that later.  What am I doing this weekend with the kids.  Thought about going to the beach again, or … OH batting cages with Jack, promised him that.  I’ll look up activities and fun spots, like I’m a tourist.  And that’s pretty much what I am as a ‘“single dad”, exploring and walking around staring, see what’s out here.

Can hear Emma talking to herself and the screen as she plays some game on her tablet.  Her voice, always my favorite sound.  That will never change, I’d bet my life.