In Sebastopol, Avid Coffee, drinking a coffee and feeling shaky.  Only bought it because

I didn’t want to be that person that uses the place as a workspace and doesn’t buy anything.  That’d annoy me if I were the owner.

Hear a lady in the corner working, on some conference call, and feel guilty.  I’m not doing anything for the AE story, or the company.  Starting to get nervous, not hearing anything from the other department.  Didn’t touch CV or letter last night.  Vowing to tonight, I have to.  Necessity and invention, reminded after watching an interview last night with some mogul guy.

Started a new letter, keeping in mind it may have application elsewhere.  Driving here I thought about other opportunities and businesses, applying or not, marketing self here and there and all these posts… then I just thought, MIKE MADIGAN.  Focusing more on ME… why haven’t I seen this before, thought it, seriously entertained it.

Listening to music through little earbuds, will head to prospective customer area in a bit, after coffee, then back up to loft.  Rest of day assigned and inventoried.

Taking my time…. What am I, what do I want.  That’s what will transpire, materialize..t hat’s the story I’m writing.  Bigger than wine, bigger than tech or being an adjunct instructor.  THIS, is the new Mike Madigan story.  Study of this character, this spot where he sits in Sebastopol writing for the first time.

Coffee nearly done, heading out soon, messaging a friend having difficulty to say the least at her winery job.  The wine industry just invite criticism and ridicule of its ways.  How can you treat people like that?  She had covid and no one texted her checking in or welcomed her back upon return, which was today.

Either people are pigs, wine industry people are, or both, all.  At a point where I want to further distance myself from anyone with flesh and a voice.  I know I can’t and that this attitude is WRONG.  I get it.. just how I’m feeling now.