Dojo and Sensei and Hilarity

Long day in car yesterday, home late stayed up with kids for a watching some kids show.  Their first visit to Café Noto this morning.  Emma of course not finishing her breakfast sandwich, so leftovers for me tomorrow.

Anxious with this whole day to. myself.  Did I tell you the winery didn’t need me?  Fuckers… actually you know what, I’m glad.  Think I’m done with tasting rooms the same way I’m done with adjunct instructing. 

Putting laundry on, then unpacking.  10:14, do I have to do that now?  Also need an Oliver’s run ‘cause I don’t have anything in this house.  No beer, wine, FOOD more importantly (ha ha…).  A whole day to self, hoping new story at work (the dept xfer) happens tomorrow.

Going to start laundry, do a couple things in kids’ rooms…

10:47 back in office and already feeling like I need a nap.  Why not.  I deserve it.  First bring these bags upstairs.  So much to do but today’s about self-care.  Interestingly enough doing all this stuff around the loft gives me clearer thoughts.  I yawn again, miss the Sunriver house, watching the kids play on the driveway, the rafting trip…. Nap.  Once up, Oliver’s… then Sunday Funday start.  Writing in the loft kitchen.

12:48 deciding to work in office.  Backpack emptied.  Having a beer, celebrating quiet and that I’m more or less on top of chores and settling into the loft after being gone.

Yes, missing the kids.  And horribly.  Trying to distract myself but nothing working.  Ran into wine buddy Mike who used to work at Schlumberger and he hinted at the constant movement and unsteady fray of the winery.  Yep, I thought to myself talking to him by the deli, I’m done.  Wine as a consumer is great but as a business, not sure.  Told Mom on the drive yesterday that I’ll come back to the industry when I can sell my own wine like I do my writing. Each bottle a MS, short story or collection of poems or something.

Long day yesterday, but still went by horrifyingly fast.  Actually I don’t even know if I can call it a ‘long day’.  Can I?  Before I knew it we were having dinner in Vacaville and then were at Mom and Dad’s to get my car.  Drive by myself to loft with the other two cars in front of me, Mom and Dad with kids.  We were unpacked, we were home, the kids giving Grandma and Grandpa hugs and kisses.  Vacation certainly done.

But is the vacation done, I asked myself while at Oliver’s after talking to Mike. No.  So when home, at around 12:20-something, opened a beer.  Thought about that view from the lodge… or sipping on our back patio as I wish I could have.

Architecture of something new, first new idea in loft office since returned from Sunriver.  Going through mail, tearing it up, build and throw away.  Perfectly appropriate polarity for the new Mike Madigan.  Listening to Thievery and handwriting approaches and new worlds, business and creative, creative business… what’s next, no more following already written roads.