Sunriver, Full Day 3

Waking up to Henry wanting breakfast.  Water raft mission in a few hours.  Haven’t done this in well over 20 years.  All of this coming back, this Sunriver day type and smells outside, how the wind is and temperature in the morning.

Coffee from new Sunriver mug I bought at the store the other day.  Bought one yesterday for my attorney Charlotte.  8:56, messaged AE buddy David to kindly call one of my clients who wants to add a seat.  That’s it.  No major add-on or purchase, will do NOTHING to quota.  The client left a message yesterday saying “…I was told the buzz phrase is ‘add a seat’…” I remember rolling my eyes when hearing and saying to myself “Yeah I’ll get right on that.”

Offered to take Emma to ‘Daddy breakfast’ but she was more comfortable laying in her bed and playing a game.  Not pushing her after the packed day we had starting just 24 hours ago or a bit less.  They’re still tired I’m sure.  Henry making noises behind me, Sue walking into the big kids’ room telling them 15 minutes till breakfast.  Thinking I’ll do breakfast this morning, so no lunch and certainly no spending money for some hoity-toity resort lunch.  $50+ at a goddamn pool snackshack.  The food was good, I’ll admit, but still… on paper that just doesn’t look right.

Have to move writings from blog to this word doc.  Why do I do that, type straight to blog.  Guess in the moment I was for a bit, real time writing like my friend Tasha said inadvertently giving me the idea years ago.