Nearing a thousand words and fighting this exhaustion. 

Pizza tonight from PIZZALEAH, one of my new preferred spots in Windsor.  Told Ms. Kerri we should go there, over the phone while I waited outside for the order to go.

Lot on my mind with this department shift, talking with that Senior AE about passion and what we do, how it’s changed even in the short time I’ve been in the department.  I need to change.

Definitely.  With the atmosphere and collective time.  Had some wine with a friend the other night, glass of some Cab from Murphy Goode that I think I bought at Oliver’s for like $14. We talked about it a little but then when into each other’s stories, why we do what we do and the story has next for us.  What we want to make happen.  She told me she wanted to be a veterinarian growing up but now works in finance or money management, can’t remember.

The story changes.  It can only change.  And so do its characters.

Looking at an old picture of Emma… how long ago it was and how quickly it just passed me, passed all of us.  Why does time do that, doesn’t matter.  It just does.  Time’s job is to end the day and it’s successful in all at-bats.

Should go upstairs and be with Jack and Emma, see what annoying kids show they’re watching.  Maybe I’ll learn something, get some ideas or see something I can apply, look further into.  Incredible when that happens, really.  Something like that.  Some shove or useful thought stemming from somewhere you’d never expect.

“Dad, I kind of like when Henry’s not here.” Jack says loudly down to me in the office chair.  I tell him I understand but he’s just a baby and he needs more attention that big kids.  “I know, I love him,” Jack adds, “but it’s just a lot you know?”

I tell him I understand, smile a bit, appreciating his candor.  Fascinated by his expression and whatever it is in his mind that told him he needed to share that thought with his Dad.