Moving Lock

8:19 – Kids awake and playing games while I settle into work.  Finally started packing.  Yes, I’m that procrastinator when it comes to vacations.  I never plan or pack ahead.  Not sure why but that’s me, I attribute it being a writer I guess.  You know what, who cares.  At my age, not much’ll be changing.

Running in Oregon, morning, every day.  That’s my aim of aims for self while there.  Same routes as in October when with Mom and Dad on my first such vacay in years over years. Happiness…. Finally landing in the way I need it to.  THE KIDS, all their credit.

No longer in any set place but moving, ‘cause I’m just moving.  Not ‘going for it’ as people will say and urge but diving into new waves, regardless of uncertainty.  There’s always uncertainty so stop fucking waiting, tell myself.

Birds loud just out the window, they’ve always sounded different than Skyhawk or Coffee Park where I used to live.  This condo, a magic beacon and purveyor of little or not at all known ebullience.

Heading upstairs, requests for chocolate milk.  Emma unnerved I didn’t get orange juice so she’s settling for choc’ lait.