Duck or Eagle

Leaving to pickup Emma in a couple.  Just resent a contract, revised.

Nervous about trip with kids.  It’ll be a learning experience for sure.

11:15 back at desk.  Quiet… enjoying it now ‘cause it’ll most definitely be gone later.  No music, already almost noon, wow… time remind me it does NOT care.  So much writing from yesterday that I didn’t post.  In fact I don’t know if I posted anything yesterday.

Once.  I posted once.  But I think I wrote close to 1700 words.  May post some of it later.  Imagining the kids in Oregon, playing around the house, smiling… Henry taking his naps on a new bed then waking to play at the pool or outside.  Part of me is nervous, but I let it go pretty quick

Remembering something my AE friend David said about one of the Sales Engineers, that his style is quick, “in and out” as he described it.  Thinking about this, with my writing, and how some writers spend years on one book, or months or weeks on one essay or short story.  I just don’t have that kind of time and if I do I act like I don’t… I want one more poet and musician like with prose or anything I create.

Three or more tracks in a night.  Eagle, quick, not quaking and complaining like the pato.  My mood is above any clouds, love it.  Nice dinner to self last night, and then today… all day mine.  What am I after right before this department xfer, building the Mike Madigan story.. the new one.  I’m not stopping and refuse to stop no matter what some people do, or what kind of new shift some want to light.