Not much sleep last night, drove all the way to MSWE to find out they don’t need me.  I was irritated, but had the good sense to get four bottles from that education stash.  Sipping latte from Noto, breakfast sandwich upstairs, when caffeine wears off I’m taking a nap. Writing in quiet, no music. Needed right now.

Great day with Ditter yesterday, lunch at Lupe’s then tasting then a beer at Kin.  Have to log receipts but already behind and honestly am not in the mood.  More that I think about how I wasn’t called off today I become frustrated and realize that all my critiques and criticisms of the wine industry and how it conduct itself and its “business” is more than founded and warranted.  Should look at other tasting rooms or just stop altogether and finally start a wine business for consumers… not so much advice, but thoughts… the ‘how to taste wine’ idea.  OR, restart the vvv blog.  Today is an eye-opener of sorts, more I think about it.  Really…. The GM in his email the other day should have called me off and not let his new hospitality director who started not even a week ago tell me when I got there today.