Putting on Bonobo, haven’t listened to him in way too long. 

Music has to be in this house, at all times in all respects and considerations.  Want to make my own music again.. but how do I start, where, with what.  Especially with funds as constricted and set as they are.  Start with words, lyrics… need another journal, verses and little stances only.  Sure there’s one in here or in the garage or the archive on the 3rd floor somewhere…. That room, in my room, the one I call The Archive, know what I want to do with it now… a record of ME… journals and books, solely.  That’s what I’m doing with it.

Halftime, like my friend Paul said.  Third Quarter starting today, right now, 2:10:54.  Heading back to Maui on my own P’s Club trip, after selling however many copies of the book and the blog generating what I need it to.

Happiness, self-care and talk and love, more than some Barnes & Noble Self-help bullshit.  I’m enlivened after that nap.  Ditter messages me and says he’s on his way and should be here right at 2:30.