Dinner tonight with friend and his his girlfriend, then Kerri comes over

around 8 I believe.  Did a little prospecting, but more brainstorming, considering if my AE story can be turned around.  And, if a bigger change need be effectuated.

Holding self to a final decision and rough outline of new plan by night’s end.  Looking for wallet, right under right elbow.  Keys are… where?  Oh, same place on desk.  

Sorry, still swirled and twirled from these ideas and what I need do.  Something to write about…

Wind, which is of course unsettling for a Sonoma County resident.  Windsor, my new home… still can’t believe it.  Would have ran longer and explored more of the town if I didn’t launch as late as I did and it weren’t so bloody hot.

Thinking about the other morning after the Uber driver brought me back to town, dropped me off at Noto.  The rain, the quiet, the morning after dancing like I hadn’t in years with a good friend.  Layering thoughts and theories and more to the philosophy and forming definition of Happiness for this writer.  So now what….

Business or book, essays from the definition.  Comedic consideration composes contentment – HAPPINESS.