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At desk now, taking advantage of every second.  Oliver’s at 5, prospecting most of day.  May get up to 100 degrees, shit.  Should head out now if I’m going to.  Or a little after 10.  Take AE laptop with.  Maybe work at that Petaluma sbux on N. McDow’.

Last night thinking about my daughter, this picture I posted to BDX of her… just a small new human.  And now.. all her sass, strength, sweetness that melts me and has me in a useless and only adoring fatherly frame.  Could write about her forever… my little baby girl.

Time moving, not caring.. I have to be quicker, log each thought as it passes. Ms. Kerri and her kids last night, Leila making dinner and after Kerri, Brenna, and I playing some silly card game that had me laughing and cringing concurrently.

All moments are to be delighted.  And with certain theaters, I’m done fighting. DONE.  Deciding upon music and happiness in this morning and tomorrow’s, the drive down to Petaluma, whatever music I have on.  Walking the streets and passing out cards, whatever I do.

Something else pops up.  Of course.  Then something else…

Sexual Harassment training.  Totally spaced on this.  While important I know, I’m annoyed.

Café Noto calling me.  Hungry and already itching to get away from desk.  Should be out in territory…. Have to finish this training.

3:45, back from Field.  Getting on a call in a bit.  Cold coffee upstairs, go get it.

Listening to the Sedaris entries on the way up here from Novato, my quick walk around downtown Petaluma… Organize my journals more, start gathering books, and fucking DO IT.

Dad in the garage putting a file cabinet together at his insistence.  Feel bad, but he assumed the assignment and demanded do it.

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