In HQ, feeling early wakeup and workout.  Coffee helping a little.  Only 9:22, feels later.  Quick meeting at 11.  May nap after.

Moving slow, in a bit of a mood from clients not paying their bill.  What can I do…

Turning off music.  Day starting to attack with emails and messages and to-do’s added to list.  The whole Monday thing is in my head, distorting my sense of everything.  I’m allowing it.  So stop, I tell myself.

See two people walking past building outside.  MY thoughts are… what.  Not.

Wind outside picks up.  Something’s off.. then right it, I say to myself.  Yeah, it’s that easy.

Why do I see Mondays as Mondays now?  Stop caring so much.  Simplify where you can.

Slow down….

One thing taken care of. Now to another.  9:46.  I’m overthinking, giving MYSELF anxiety.  Why do I do that, why can I not stop.

9:54… simplifying, consolidating, condensing.  More quiet, meditation.  Feeling strange still though..  Should leave the office, go back home.  Do meeting there.  Was going to say workout at lunch but already done.  Wow, I actually did it.  Finally.  At the gym when dark like I used to before stupid covid.

Up.  Drive.