Sauvignon Blanc. Mill Creek.

Can’t remember if I’d had this recently or not.  Doesn’t matter.  This is about where I am and what I’m doing.. the Now, About EVERYTHING.  Neighbors outside walking around block, or the small circle on the other side of the street.  Hard to explain.  These two wives, do that often.  Doing more than 10 laps I’d imagine.  That’s what this wine is, the moment – the now.  No excess deliberation, none.  Walking around Bottle Barn seeing this one man with a shopping cart full of dozens of different wines.  Must have been at least 20+ producers.  I thought it must be for his home bar, a tasting room-like room where he enjoys wines, studies them, writes about them.  Occasionally hosting tasting parties.  Painted different scapes and scenes with this character and his relationship with wine.  I’m doing that, now, here, with this SB.

Not looking for descriptions, adjectives, just the mood it has me in.  Wanting oysters.  Know that’s a cliche pairing but that’s where my head goes.  Perfect for weather, how the day started.  Where I am now, mood… this About EVERYTHING story and how it’s changing.

Find a pic from 5 years ago, here in this house sipping the Merlot I made from 2012, in the kitchen as I often do.  FIVE YEARS AGO.  No. more of that wine left, at least not here.  I wait for my next sip of the SB, and just think more about the picture.. the “Mikey’s Merlot”.  Wine and how it’s changed me and everything I do, how I keep coming back even after telling myself I’m not writing about her anymore.

Find other memories on Facebook and elsewhere… TIME.  Wine.  Me.  Waiting for kids and Melissa to get home.  It does make me laugh how quickly the dynamic and tone change when they just get home…. Education.