Day 222 of the 365 project. Hope that’s accurate.

Should audit sometime today, or tonight.  Sometime soon, see how off I am.  How about now… hold on—  Wait, what the fuck?  It’s Dy 163 in the 365 project?  How did I get so bizarrely off?  I have more time? Or not.  I have no idea.. either way, in journal I’m putting it at Day 163.  Seriously… how did that happen?  I don’t care.  So much I just want to start over.  I never do well with these day-counted projects.  Ugh…

Wait, never mind.  It’s actually day 224, not 222, and definitely not 163.  Jesus I’m a mess.  I need some wine.  Or more coffee.  No, wine.

Fixed email issue… More money for the domain, ‘vinolit’…. Something I don’t even really use for anything other than the email.  Whatever.

Some guy just parked in front of the TR, looks like a Suburu sports sedan or something with a orange and yellow and red, sort of safari-themed kayak on the roof.  Obnoxious.  Who the fuck would have a kayak like that?  Someone who doesn’t want to draw attention to themselves?

All missed emails now flooding in.  Great.  Where’s wine.