#selftalk #selflove #selfcare #happiness #DIY #NoteToSelf …. I

never write about hashtags or put much emphasis on them, but I’m starting to see them as a way of centering me and my writing, the blog, my “brand” if you want to call it that, and what I want to do for readers.

Mom has always urged talking to self as a way of finding something or making sense in some regard.  Now, with Melissa back to work and having to do touch-and-go’s with Henry… need to talk to self.  This is the self-love, the self-care that these covid and quasi-quarantining days need.  That I need.

Henry playing contently in the playpen for the first time.  A minute ago he was moaning and calling a bit, and of course I arrive, then he smiles.  He knows what he’s doing.

About to make another call.  Dental office.  Wonder if they’ll try to sell me like eI’m trying to sell them.  That’d be funny, right?  “Hi this is Mike from…..” Then at the end of the call, “Okay Mike, we’ll see you for your appointment in May!” Wouldn’t doubt it.  Not that I’m easily sold, just think that would add something interesting to the day, some Newness that’s SO needed.