Gift for myself, was writing earlier… what. What do I want? Really, nothing…. Need? No.

Then what do I get Mike Madigan as a gift.  Some would say wine is the obvious landing but I don’t want to spend money on something that’s consumable, something that’s gone nearly as soon as you buy it.

Thought about some workout additions for the garage… the punching bag, gloves… but I’ve barely used those weights I bought.  So no to that.

A camera?  Again, no to this as I don’t get a chance to use the camera I have from how busy I am between AE life and teaching, writing and blogging and trying to “parent”.  How about some new books? No… still have to read the ones I recently bought self.

Okay then…. WHAT.

Honestly, no idea.  Thinking about my age, and the rest of my life… what do I want to do for it, in it, from and about it??

Write, that’s obvious.  And you don’t need money to do that, and with this new laptop and the 1948 journal Dad got me, and those Composition Books I bought myself on Amazon, I’m good.  Choosing a singular beat, something with