Not gonna lie, just back from some errands

which included getting a haircut, getting lunch in Healdsburg (Agave, my favorite Mexican spot on HBG, easily…) and then getting some clothes for little Henry.  Been home for about 10 minutes maybe, open a beer and am at desk.  Sent draft of an email to SE to look over.  While driving north on 101, I thought of consolidating the blogs to Bottledaux, then decided against, at least for now.

The #prospectesk blog and business need some attention.  What exactly I’m not sure yet.  More on that later….

The vinovinevin project is turning into a splendid marketing vehicle not just for itself and me, but for certain winery and winemaking partners.

#professormikey as a blog, honestly, I’m getting tired of.  But not making nay drastic decisions just yet.  Or even any mild ones.  I will not be teaching after this semester, at the JC, not sure about independently or through the blog, about writing or what.  No need to decide now.

Sip the Lagunitas and wonder what if I did cancel the blogs but kept the domain names, all three of them.  Have to use the #professormikey project at least till the semester’s end… or do I.  What if I … wait, I know….

Quiet in house.  No one home yet, but that will change.  Think the work day is done.  Messaged David, another AE, and no respond.  Microsoft Teams indicates he’s “Away”.  So it’s cool that I have this beer then?

Over 199 words, my new limit or hoped-for quasi-branding-blogging method.  I don’t know.  Why count words.  That’s just counterproductive and dumb.

Feel bad for the people and Texas and other states in this snow/ice/cold/cold hell storm.  Then I’m jealous for some reason… to write about experiencing something like that.  What does that make me?