Started a piece on being an adjunct.

Teaching semester to semester.  They want you to be on-fire excited passionate about being part of the department.  Yeah, in it for the money.  And I do enjoy the students, some of them, those that are actual students.

Thinking about buying a camera, new one.  Do I need, is it necessary to what I do here on the blog?  Think I just like sexy devices, that’s it.  An addiction.  How often would I be able to get out there and shoot?  Holding off for now, using the camera from a few years ago.  That thing is pretty functional, I have to say. Not just functional, but useful.  Ramble…

Thanksgiving Day parade starts.  Thankful, being so….  Rather than a constant propelling of woe.  These old pictures, everyone I’ve met in the wine industry and elsewhere.  Lost in thought, but located.  Self.  Wine, from those conversations, those properties..

The adjunct thing – not.  About to die.  This new year, a vast and sweeping consolidation.  Of EVERYTHING.