from this morning

…old picture of my dad talking to some lady at the Sonoma Wine Country Weekend event, when we went together on press passes in 2015.  SO long ago, it feels.  This is another reminder, time… last night when I visited Dad washing his car and Mom and I talking in the garage sipping Sbragia SB, talking about everything from family to business to what we were doing right then and there.  I find more pictures of family and wine, of me… I look thinner, I was running more religiously and consistently then.

I hear thumps on the steps.  Emma awake.  She sits on the couch with us, agrees to the quiet mandate Jack and I have ratified.  On her phone, playing a game.  Jack writing on a legal pad or pad he took from a stash I had upstairs in closet.

Think it may be safe to get coffee now.  Thinking of writing something on running, but first I need to run.  Much more religiously than I do now. Eat more vegetables, not enjoy wine as I do, do random exercises that are core-focused in random spans of free time.

Emma breaks the noise statute and I offer to get her some headphones, ear buds.  They’re not compatible with that version of phone so I get her the new pair of headphone I recently bought from Amazon.  She smiles and feels special, now is quiet.

Coffee made, I write points I want to hit in day…..  weights, fast till at least 2pm.  Any snacks have to be vegetables, wherever I can find vegetables here.  Know we have carrots, that’ll do.  I remember this guy I used to work with years ago at a winery tell me he used to eat carrots when he was a wrestler and had to drop weight.  So there you go…