Still have to do budget.  Will keep simple, reduce what’s allocated to me.  Like my poet character, minimalism embraced and practiced.  In all senses and tenses of life.

Again saying to self, “Stop writing at this table…. It’s not a desk.” Laptop at 100%, so I could head behind me to couch.  Phone charging.  The Sonic phone, that is.  Other, mine, low.  Henry getting his dose of sustenance while I try and plan everything.  And maybe that’s a lesson in this day, that I can’t.  Plan everything, that is.  Plan something things, maybe.  Not everything.

Sent out zoom link to students.  Doing something different tonight…. One word for whole meeting, Happiness.  How do you get it, what is its composition?  Is it attainable for everyone.  Going to kitchen to make self a cup of the cinnamon dolce coffee I bought yesterday.  Zoom meeting will be here at desk, but in a second I’m going to start a stretch of couch writing…. Couch composition.