Having a beer.  Sent two letters.  Now about to submit a short fiction piece to a friend.  But before I do, think of one thing, ONE, I want before the day’s done. 

One post about blogging services, writing and editing as well. But more so focusing on blog, the importance of blogs… showing blog value by showing how I market self.

May go for a walk.  My hair is very much a quarantine coiffure.  I hate it.  If I didn’t have the scars, it’d all be gone.

Noted earlier that quarantine is getting to me a bit… may be true.  Feeling restless now, but not to the point of wanting to nap.  I stay at this desk while the family relaxes in other room, watching a move after lunch a squirt gun skirmish, second of the day, between me and the babies. They showered, changed, and came down here to relax.  Jackie telling me after his shower and done changing, “Dada, I’m tired and not in a squirt gun fight mood anymore.  I’m in relax mode, are you?” I laughed a little and agreed, helped Emmie get dressed and came downstairs.

Beer’s done.  Still full from lunch.  Could use a walk.  Want to look at houses, study architecture and real estate, add to my dream house qualities list.  Prepare self for work, late…