4/23/20, Thursday

Leads meeting in a bit.  Coffee ready.  Writing aims in journal, not here.

Finally bought the Sedaris Master Class.  Can’t wait to get back to it.

Kids up, and I’m already on-edge.  Know they’ll interrupt…. Tell Jack my meeting starts in  bit and I need him to be good.  He gives me that long kind, “Okaaaaaaaay.”

“Thank you.” I return.

“Love you.” He says.

Maybe he and his sister will be good.


This lead meeting….  Asking myself this morning why I do it.  Not sure I firm answer, other than I like the people, and the actual meetings, not the virtual ones as we’re having now, are enjoyable and insightful, the perfect way to start a day.  Maybe not perfect but something I don’t mind.

No Jack starts to act up a bit, burping twice and assuring us he will fart out his wiener.  Good to know, I think to myself.  Not resisting anything, not taking the meeting in my car as I used to when this quarantine shit started.  Going to stay right here, in this chair, looking at this screen.

Letters, poems…. Will try to return today.  I promise… I do a lot of promising.  In fact, I need to write these promises in the journal, not here.