Had a little cup of one of the wines I opened last night.  The Arnot Roberts.  I wrote about it, as I could sell it, but there were other wines I’d sell WAY before that one.  What don’t I like about it, I don’t know.  Well, I do.. it’s too lights.

It’s Sonoma Coast, Mike… what do you expect?

True.  I’m just a little surprised how light it is.  That’s all.  I just noted my friend Nicole, and told her, “I’m drinking it, so fuck it.”

Do I want another, or do I want a beer?  More I talk about wines, and having an afternoon beer I think about owning a shop/wine bar…. And I want to write about everyone coming in there, tasting what they do and asking me about my story and how I cam to own a shop/tasting room.

This’ll happen.  Not sure when, or how soon.  But that’s what I’m thinking about.  Just seeing the people taste what they do, or drink what they drink/want to drink.  And write about them.  All of them.  What they say, what they ask… those looks when they taste a wine they don’t like and then they apologize.  Why do they apologize, I don’t make it.