Finally back from Sunnyvale.

Don’t want to get back in car, even to drive to Steele & Hops, or Jackson’s for writing before class.  Which isn’t really class tonight, but an optional attendance night where I’ll hold an office hour and have 1:1’s if needed.

A glass of wine… what though.  Not beer tonight.  Had one last night.  Not bad, just in a wine wind and Road, this evening.  Want to celebrate the day.  Earlier, and I mean much earlier like 5 or 6-somehting this morning, I had an odd feeling about everything I was doing.  A bit spooked, I’ll tell you.  About the drive, about if this is even the day of the event, everything.  Once at the Nokia building on Mathilda in Sunnyvale, I knew the day was in my shift and favoring air.  Spoke to the room, and into a camera about Sonic, and I left the building utterly transformed if you must know.  Am I to one day be the CIO of Sonic while running SPSPS (Sales, Productivity, Self, Personal Development, Startup)?  Everywhere were my visions and fantasies, and knowing they’re not fantasies.

Going to get off the clock, head to somewhere, collect.  Don’t think Jackson’s.  And I’m tired of S&H…. shit, where do I go?  Are there any other options?  Whole Foods?  Ugh….  Wait, yes.