Done with lunch.

Now, time to Self. Over 30 minutes I believe. Tempted to drive somewhere, back into the Berkeley hills, maybe. Listen to the eucalyptus trees move around as they do.

Forgot about coins being taken from car then I remember it again. Could have used money for business, laptop, something for me. Not now. Letting it go. Or trying. Doesn’t sound like it, now that I read what I just wrote. Little over hour left in field, then back to office.

29 minutes left. In car. The Safeway parking lot that I absolutely loathe. Always too close to other cars, always people driving without looking, and always people approaching me asking me something about the internet and if their house can be serviced. I don’t mind these people, locals here in Berkeley, at all. They’re all amazingly sweet and excited to see us. And, I put myself in such position by parking the car here as I did…. just what’s in my thinking, now. My Now, here in Field, doused in observation.

Wind. Already thinking about drive back, what I have to do in office, running tonight. Want running to be everything, my everything, and if ever distracted just say to self, repeatedly, “No. You have to run.”